25 Jul

There is a new study that links an irregular sleep pattern to having a high risk of acquiring cancer

According to the research conducted on mice, having irregular sleep pattern or poor sleeping habits has resulted to cancer. The study warns people, especially those who are prone to getting cancer, to avoid working on night shifts very often as it can cause cancer.

The research that’s been published in the journal Current Biology reported that mice subjected to a schedule similar to those of many shift workers did not only gain about 20 percent more weight, but also developed breast cancer earlier in life than those on a more natural schedule.

It is important to note that the mice used in the study had the mouse equivalent of a BRCA gene. Apparently, the said gene can likely increase the chances of developing breast cancer.

Comparisons are made between breast cancer-prone mice and those on a work shift schedule, and it turns out that the mice typically developed the cancer at 50 weeks, while the ones on work shift schedule acquired it at 8 weeks.

Since irregular sleeping habits or sleep disruption affects the 24-hour biological cycles or the circadian rhythm of the body, this is likely the cause of the body developing diseases like cancer.

Furthermore, the people behind this study also suggested that women in particular need to be more cautious. This is especially true for women having a family history of breast cancer.

Nevertheless, a more thorough is needed to come up with a firm conclusion.