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Take out health insurance with PruHealth and you could get cheap or even free gym membership. PruHealth medical insurance are offering members the chance to get free gym membership from leading gyms; LA Fitness, Cannons and Virgin Active when they sign up for medical insurance with them.

The company has recognised that people who live healthy lifestyles and go to the gym regularly are less likely to claim on their insurance, so promoting the company this way is of benefit to them as they hope that through this scheme their insured members will get healthier and have less problems.

When you sign up for the medical insurance they work out your personal health plan as you would expect, and tell you what the monthly fee would be. Then, you also get the chance to sign up to a gym membership as well. To do this, you put in your locality and can choose which gym that’s local to you, you’d like to be a member of. Then you simply pay a one off activation fee of £25 to join your chosen gym be it LA Fitness, Cannons or Virgin Active, and £25 a month for the first three months of your gym membership. As long as during this first 3 months you have visited the gym an AVERAGE of twice a week or more, your membership will then be subsidised by PruHealth and will be free at standard LA Fitness or Cannons health clubs, and if you’ve chosen a Virgin Active club it will be either £5 or £15 a month depending on the club. You need to continue to visit the gym an AVERAGE of twice a week over each 3 month period, and as long as you do this, your membership will remain subsidised.

The basic catch with this offer is that you do have to make sure you visit the gym an average of twice a week each quarter. The reason for this is that your card is swiped when you enter and that shows to PruHealth that you are visiting the gym regularly. If your number of visits drops down below the average 2 per week, then you will start paying fees on a sliding scale according to how often you do visit. Sounds a bit odd I know, but as the idea is that PruHealth are rewarding their clients for getting fit and staying fit, this is how it works.

If you are already a PruHealth policy holder and took the old 6 month free gym membership offer you will be moved to the new gym membership model when your policy comes up for renewal. It is possible to cancel and renew immediately, but is only worth doing this if you are outside of the 6 months free gym membership period, and are prepared to pay the £25 activation fee (you won’t pay this if you’re moved across automatically on policy renewal).

If you already have membership at either Cannons or Virgin Active, you will need to wait till your contract with them ends before you can move over to the PruHealth scheme. If you are a member of LA Fitness, you can switch to the PruHealth scheme with immediate effect however.

If you have been planning on taking out gym membership, then this is definitely an offer worth investigating particularly if you are reasonably young and without many health issues, as your premiums with PruHealth are liable to be lower than the cost of a standard gym membership, and even taking into account the £25 activation fee and first three months at £25 you will probably still find yourself paying less.

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