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Free La Fitness Membership

LA Fitness has teamed up with Pru Health with a fantastic offer that means that if you take out your health insurance with Pru Health, you can get a membership at your nearest LA Fitness Club at just £25 per month for the first three months, and then, as long as you are a regular visitor you could get your membership for FREE for the rest of the year!

la fitness free gym membership

LA Fitness is one of the UK’s leading chains of health and fitness clubs, it has over 85 clubs throughout the UK and this offer is available in all of them.

When you take a membership with Pru Health, they have set up a special offer so that you can take membership with an LA Fitness Health Club (Virgin Active, JJB Fitness or Cannons Gyms) for just £25 a month for the first three months, and then for the rest of the year, you can get the membership with LA Fitness completely free as long as you visit the health club a minimum of twice a week on average. If you don’t go as often, you can still get a discount on your membership, but the way to get the full discount and get 9 months of free membership is to keep going an average of twice a week.

Pru Health are teaming up with these fitness clubs in order to promote healthy living and fitness amongst their members fitter members means members who are generally less likely to get ill so Pru Health benefits too because they are likely to have to make less payouts to their members. Another advantage of taking Pru Health up on this offer and staying healthy is you can even decrease the amount you have to pay for your Pru Health membership the following year.

LA Fitness run a whole range of additional incentives to try and keep you interested in going to their gym too. They offer you a 1 month free membership for a friend, and a range of discounts on assorted beauty treatments and fitness products as well. They have 25+ Clubs in different regions of London, and 60+ in other parts of the UK.

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The price that you will pay for your health insurance with Pru Health will vary according to your health, age and whether you are a smoker etc. This is the same as with any health insurance company however. Obviously this means that someone who is 20, the correct weight for their height, has never smoked and has no history of any health problems is likely to pay less than someone who is 50, has smoked since they were 15 and is overweight. Even taking the difference with these things into account most people are likely to make a fairly large saving on the cost they would normally pay for health insurance and also gym membership. For many people the saving will be so much that if they weren’t even looking for health insurance, but only looking to take out gym membership, they will still save money over the year, and with the added bonus of free health insurance as well. (If this is the case, don’t forget to go for the most basic level of cover and the highest excess you can in order to keep the price as low as possible and make the biggest savings).