kim and kanye
26 Jul

TV reality star Kim Kardashian may have confirmed the news of her second pregnancy only a few weeks ago. However, the wife of Kanye West is already opening up about the struggles of pregnant life as she talks weight gain and morning sickness during her appearance on Today.

According to Hollywood Life, just days after the “Keeping up with the Kardashians” star complained about morning sickness on Twitter, she sat down on the “Today” show to reveal how her second pregnancy is treating her thus far. Kim revealed that despite her insistence on wearing figure-hugging outfits during her pregnancy, she has already gained a little weight with baby number two.

Aside from her much-talked pregnancy, there is a rumor made by Radar Online that Kardashian is not happy and “freaking out” about the baby weight she’s gained, and is considering getting surgery to help her stay slim, but the gossip has been dismissed by the star’s side.

It’s true that Kardashian has gained 15 pounds during her first trimester, but her rep tells Gossip Cop exclusively that she’s not “freaking out” about it or going to have cosmetic hip surgery while she’s carrying her second child. Kardashian’s rep says Radar Online’s story is completely “false.”

Still on Kardashian pregnancy issue, the couple has been reportedly having problems, and that they appear more likely to get a divorce now. According to an unnamed source, it seems like Kanye West is not giving his growing family much importance, keeping his distance from his pregnant wife.

Kim is understandably furious with Kanye. Instead of giving her support through her intense morning sickness, rapid weight gain all the while taking care of North, he basically abandoned her.

An insider close to the Kardashians dished to CDL, “Kim’s hormones are raging right now, and she is a sappy and emotional mess. She hates that Kanye isn’t by her side and helping her through this pregnancy and when he didn’t attend the yacht party with her Kim went ballistic. Witnesses overheard her ranting to her mother that she was going to “show Kanye” and “divorce him for real this time.”

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