obesity in children
26 Jul

Forcing kids to finish the food on their plates may not be a wise move.

A new study shows that kids who are forced to eat everything on their plates may disrupt their normal eating behavior, making them the prone to weight gain and obesity.

Researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology suggest that parents should let their kids decide the amount of food they’ll consume to promote normal eating behavior. Otherwise, the kids may end up eating more than they should instead of relying on their own body signals.

The findings published in the Journal of Pediatric Psychology showed that the way children related to food and eating was crucial. Physical activity and TV viewing, on the other hand, did not explain why the BMI of some children increased more as compared to others.

The said research is part of a long-term study that looks at children’s psychological and psychosocial development over several years.

The same children are examined every two years, and in this particular study, the researchers dealt with data from when the children were four, six and eight years old.

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